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Catalina Business Services partners with many great companies and organizations to further their goals and develop their business. Below are just a few of the partners with which we have worked. Please feel free to contact us for more information or a reference. 

Island Fire Extinguishers

Catalina Business Services provides accounting and general management for this company.

Catalina Backcountry

Catalina Backcountry serves hikers and other adventurers on the island with everything from gear haul to concierge service. Catalina Business Services provides accounting, business management and development services.

Chet's Hardware

Catalina Business Services provides accounting and general management for this small business. Services include branding, merchandising, all accounting functions business development and comprehensive administrative support. 

Aurora Hotel​

Catalina Business Services provides comprehensive bookkeeping, budget preparation, cash flow analysis and financial report generation as well as human resources including recruiting, training and retention. This boutique hotel employees 15 people and is one of Catalina Island's premier hotels.

Catalina Sea Spa

Catalina Business Services provides financial planning, accounting and bookkeeping for this Catalina day spa.

JCM Enterprises  

Cinde MacGugan-Cassidy serves as president of this company. Catalina Business Services provides financial planning, oversight and human resources management. 

Northwind Refrigeration  

Providing accounting services and human resource management. Cinde MacGugan-Cassidy also serves as Chief Financial Officer for this company. 


Catalina Business Services provides auditing, accounting, budgeting and financial statements for Zest, a Catalina catering company. 

Private individuals

Catalina Business Services provides book-keeping, year-end tax preparation and general oversight of household finances for a number of personal clients.

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